Mila Aramoun

Part of a bigger Master Plan, Mila is considered one of the most desirable location for a calm and comfortable residence within the Aramoun 1441 community. Siting over a cliff and overlooking the green mountains, the development is just 10 minutes south of Beirut International Airport and few steps away from the beautiful coast and beach resorts.

The development involves low-rise structures articulated in a contemporary envelope sliding over a lean sloped land and providing private and public green spaces and terraces. The façades are delicately tailored, combining modern architectural features with sustainable materials to create a solid durable structure in a sympathetic character, humanely scaled.

The building consists of three attached blocks of four (4) above ground floors each and one common basement used for parking lots, with three (3) different cores for vertical transportation. Each block entails approximately seven (7) apartments with a total of twenty two (22) apartments for the entire building.

Most apartments are made up of two (2) bedrooms & maid room, with an area of one hundred & thirty (130) square meters each, benefiting of one (1) dedicated parking space.

All flats will have access to a common garden at the lower ground level (423sqm), as a shared amenity for occupants. A number of apartments will also benefit from front and rear private gardens and terraces.